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My Services

Dr Sunaina Amiraj-Surujparsad is a qualified Homeopath and Therapeutic Reflexologist.  

She offers treatments in Homeopathy and Therapeutic Reflexology.  She is also registered and qualified to dispense Homoeopathic medication aligned to the condition being treated.

She also offers corporate health and wellness initiatives and programs to corporates and businesses requiring assistance.

How does this work?

Dr Sunaina Amiraj-Surujparsad consults from her practice and works by appointment only.

 The consultation time and the number of consultations will vary depending on the treatment and the condition.


Rates will depend on the treatment being offered.  This could include Homeopathic medication.

Payment options available include cash, EFT,  debit and/or credit cards and via most *medical aids.

*with medical aids - please check prior if the medical aid covers  Homeopathy and/or Therapeutic Reflexology.

My treatments


Therapeutic Reflexology (Foot)

Therapeutic Reflexology (Foot)


  Homeopathy is a natural alternative treatment to many acute and chronic conditions. It can be used in conjunction with many allopathic treatments and medication and has no sides effects. Homoeopathy can be used effectively and proactively to enhance ones well-being.

Therapeutic Reflexology (Foot)

Therapeutic Reflexology (Foot)

Therapeutic Reflexology (Foot)


Reflexology is a gentle and extremely effective form of therapeutic foot massage that  is based  on using hands on reflex points located on the feet.  These reflex points correspond to parts of the body, glands and acupuncture points. Some of the benefits include:

  • boost the immune system
  • recover from colds and bacterial infections
  • clear up sinus issues
  • recover from back problems 
  • correct hormonal imbalances
  • improve digestion
  • ease arthritis pain
  • treat nerve problems 

Therapeutic Reflexology (Cupping)

Therapeutic Reflexology (Vacuflex boot)

Therapeutic Reflexology (Vacuflex boot)


Therapeutic Reflexology (Cupping) involves using rubber suction cups which are placed on acupressure points on the body as well as along meridian pathways.  This works when pressure is exerted on the acupuncture point, and a vibration is created which runs through that particular meridian. The vibration disperses any  blockage in the energy flow along the pathway and increases the blood flow to enhance the healing process. 

Therapeutic Reflexology (Vacuflex boot)

Therapeutic Reflexology (Vacuflex boot)

Therapeutic Reflexology (Vacuflex boot)


This treatment is done using a pair of vacuum boots. The treatment is painless, but provides an intense form of Reflexology by increasing circulation and oxygen flow in the body. The boots leave a “map of colours” on the reflexes of feet and these colours are a measure of the body’s thermal energy and show body heat, or a lack thereof, in the various organs. 

Using “Reflexology terminology”, these colours highlight areas of reflex and meridian congestion and is of the utmost importance in assessing disease pathways.